The Old Leave Behind (we literally shot this in one location without a budget or much of a script in 2 hours)

Film Reel (in progress!)

Classwork- Birdman (with Clayton Froning) (rough)

An Improvised One-Woman telling of WEST SIDE STORY. Disregard laughing slash breaking of character at the beginning 🙂 The ending is the best part!

Audition Video (sarcastic guys’ girl)

Audition Video (Doctor/Scientist)

“Anarkali Blossoms” Trailer

An improvised South Asian dance with my big bro. Yes, we did not practice at. all.

“The First Date” Trailer

Clip from “The First Date”

“Scrubs” Reel


Audition Video (party girl)

Here is me trying to spell the word caucus. cock-us. cock-kiss. Something like that.

“Sati Shaves Her Head” – short film by Amar & Tejal Shah, starring Hannah Simone and me as Sati!

“Snooze, Charlie” Teaser Trailer

“Sonal B. Shah- Attorney at Law”

“The End” Music Video (featured on Yahoo’s New Music Vids)

“Black Coffee”